Sales and Fees


Occasionally I have bucklings that I have not made a decision on and they are available for lease but go directly to my processor rather than coming back here. This Lease Price is $175.00. These Bucks are registered and you will leave here with a signed Service Memo.

I also have two bucks at the Mount Vernon Location that are available for driveway breeding.

Semen is available through Pre-order from Hobbs and Calvin.

Herd Share

See Contract below for more information. Monthly maintenance fees are negotiable and can be exchanged for the equal value in labor or goods. There are limited opening in the herd share.


Free Range, NON-vegetarian (chickens naturally eat meat) $2.00 per dozen. Chickens are supplemented with cracked corn once a day the rest of the day they browse the full area of our mount vernon location eating whatever they want. Egg pick up is at the Mount Vernon location only for now.