Sales and Fees


We are a tightly closed herd once an animal leaves it can not come back.  Deposits are not refundable


2024-- I have grade 87.5%  Mini-lamancha grades available, Head will be left un altered so some will have horns and some will be polled.   These boys are available for 50 dollars each and can be picked up at weaning 12 weeks.   If you want a specific bucking I will reserve him for you if he is paid in full (not refundable) If you want them registered or tested all fees must be paid by you. 

Legal Sales of Raw goats Milk for Pets only. 

$10.00 per gallon OR 5 Dollars per half gallon bag. All milk is sold frozen. 


We have switched to a hands on work only model for our herd share. Members must work one to two days a month with the goats to hold a share on the herd.  We feel that this helps to prove that you actually own the goats and are not just buying milk illegally.  This way you know first hand their names, how they are maintained, and what their health situation looks.  there is no cost to our herd shares only hands on work.  On the day you work you will receive up to 100% of the milk depending on the needs of the whole farm.  Does raising daughters are not milked.  Goat kids drinking a bottle will get their milk first.  Other options will include Vegetable harvested that day and eggs collected that day, It will depend on what is currently available.  

Extra milk is sold as pet food to fund care and keeping of the herd.


All Eggs are unwashed to keep the protective coating intact.

Free Range-- supervised and limited due to predation conflicts, NON-vegetarian (chickens naturally eat meat and bugs) $3.50 per dozen. 

Chickens are supplemented with cracked corn or scratch feed once a day the rest of the day they browse.

Duck Eggs are available to our regular customers $5.00 a dozen 

Animals For Sale

ALL bucklings must be purchased as bottle babies. We have a meat buyer that takes them at weaning. 

Bottle babies can be picked up after they are taking the bottle correctly. 

If you want horns left on you must pay in full before the date they are to be disbudded. Usually 3 days old.  Babies with horns must be bottle babies.  

Our herd is closed.   All tests done for disease testing have come back negative . Any further disease testing required by buyers is to be paid by the buyer through our veterinarian.


Doe in Milk $750.00 we recommend the Simple Pulse milking machine. None Currently available. 

Doelings $350.00  None Currently available

Bucklings $250.00  (includes DNA test and registration) 1 F1 Mini Lamancha available currently

Specials and Discounts

Breeding trio 2 does and an unrelated buck $750.00 Buck will be a distant relative all lamancha goats have ancestors in common.  None available

4H members must show proof of membership.

4H doelings $250.00 (polled or disbudded)

4H wethers $50.00(polled or disbudded) Contact me if you have special circumstances  and need him for free. 

When your Oakes Dairy Doe earns any award,  you are eligible for a $100.00 coupon for a kid. Coupons ARE stackable.

Deposits are NOT refundable

I do not require a deposit for a kid before they are born unless you want exclusive rights to buy.  You can decide the amount of the deposit, please keep in mind that I use these funds to buy a collar (5-10 dollars unless you request a dollar tree collar) and leashes to start lead training ( 5-15 dollars) as well as register (See last page of the application for fees)and DNA (buck only) your kid. 

All registrations are done online when you place a deposit on your kid.  DNA testing on all bucklings is required by the ADGA . We also will have them done for MDGA bucks. 

ALL kids will be registered and transferred into the new owners name when they leave here.  You will take a copy or the registration with the transfer portion filled out. I will take care of mailing the the papers to the ADGA. home with you of the  I have the registration mailed to you. if this is done before you pick up your new baby.