Sales and Fees


Occasionally I have bucklings that I have not made a decision on and they are available for lease but go directly to my processor rather than coming back here. This Lease Price is $100.00. These Bucks are registered, DNA Tested and you will leave here with a signed Service Memo. Lease is open ended when you are finished you return him or sell him and we split the price. I will transfer the paperwork to the buyer. Currently we have none available.

We are a Closed herd and do not permit outside animals on the property for breeding.

Legal Sales of Raw goats Milk for Pets only.

$12.00 per gallon OR 6 Dollars per half gallon bag. All milk is sold frozen.


Free Range, NON-vegetarian (chickens naturally eat meat) $3.50 per dozen.

Chickens are supplemented with cracked corn once a day the rest of the day they browse.

Duck Eggs are available to our regular customers

Kids for sale

ALL bucklings will be evaluated and wethered if they have ANY aggression or personality traits I deem potentially dangerous. I also Wether them for having scours more than once. Scours shows a lack of immunity. Oakes dairy kids DO NOT receive parasite or coccidia prevention. It is our goal to breed immunity to these healthcare issues. Preventative medications mask weak immunity.

Bottle babies can be picked up after they are 8 days old.

If you want horns left on you must pay in full before the date they are to be disbudded. Usually 3 days old.

Our herd is permanently closed. All tests done for disease testing have come back negative . Any further disease testing required by buyers is to be paid by the buyer.

Prices (includes DNA test):

Doelings $350.00

Bucklings $250.00

Breeding trio 2 does and an unrelated buck $700.00 Buck will be a distant relative all lamancha goats have ancestors in common

4H members must show proof of membership.

4H doelings $200.00 (polled or disbudded)

4H wethers $50.00(polled or disbudded)

Deposits are NOT refundable. I do not require a deposit for a kid before they are born unless you want exclusive rights to buy.

All registrations are done online the DAY you pick up the goat.

ALL kids will be registered and transferred into the new owners name when they are paid in full. I have the registration mailed to you. if this is done before you pick up your new baby.