2018 Kids

2018 Kids

Draco-- Pedigree Naturally Hornless SOLD

Hobbs-- Pedigree Naturally Hornless Daughters

Calvin-- Pedigree Disbudded

Black Beard (blackie)-- Pedigree Disbudded SOLD

Fees for kids:

Nonrefundable deposit required.

$75.00 or full payment for bottle babies.

Oakes Dairy will not be responsible for sickness or death of the animal once it has left our property barring a necropsy showing a birth defect.


Bottle bucklings NO PAPERS $25.00

Weaned bucklings NO PAPERS $50.00 (Must be prepaid we wether all unsold bucklings at 8-12 weeks)

Bottle Bucklings with papers $100.00

Registered buckling DNA and Casein type tested $200.00, There will be a $4 fee from the ADGA to transfer ownership. $75 nonrefundable deposit before testing is done.

Yearling Bucks Registered $250.00


All doelings will leave with registration applications filled out or I can send the registration in online and print you a temporary certificate to leave with.

Bottle baby does $200.00

Weaned Does $250.00

Dry Yearlings $300.00

Yearling doe in milk $ 400.00

[1] Goats that are in Green text have DNA on record and are tested for Casein type and G6S

[2] Goats with this symbol have proved resistant to Coccidia