2016-2017 Planned Breedings

My new polled herd sire will be Hobbs I am truly excited about bringing in his mothers genetics to my herd!

Vincent is available as a breeding buck. His Craig's List Add is here SOLD! Thank you

I need to evaluate kids highlighted with this color before making a decision on these kids ALL bucklings will be wethered unless paid in full before their 8th day of life.

ALL bucklings will be evaluated and wethered if they have ANY aggression or personality traits I deem potentially dangerous. I also watch for other traits that may come up that are undesirable and wether if I feel it should not be bred. For this reason bucklings are NOT available as bottle baby's, Bucklings become available at 12 weeks of age when they are weaned.

Bottle babies must be picked up within 24 hours of their birth.

If you want horns left on you must pay in full before the date they are to be disbudded. Usually 3 days old.


Polled doelings $300.00

Polled bucklings $200.00

Disbudded doelings $275.00

Disbudded bucklings $175.00

Disbudded/polled wethers $100.00

Breeding trio 2 does and an unrelated buck $600.00 Buck will be a distant relative all lamancha goats have ancestors in common I try to keep it under 20% as you can see here.

4H members must show proof of membership.

4H doelings $200.00 (polled or disbudded)

4H wethers $75.00(polled or disbudded)

Deposits are NOT refundable. I do not require a deposit for a kid before they are born unless you want exclusive rights to buy.

All registrations are done online the DAY you pick up the goat.

ALL kids will be registered and transferred into the new owners name when they are paid in full.

Contact me at dorioakes@gmail.com if you are interested in a kid or through Facebook

Kid Pictures