2019 Planned Kids

Fees for kids:


Nonrefundable deposit required $75.00 or full payment for bottle babies.

All bucklings must have a deposit on them by 4 weeks. I band at 8 weeks.

Oakes Dairy will not be responsible for sickness or death of the animal once it has left our property barring a necropsy showing a birth defect.

Please Specify if you want naturally polled kids. All naturally horned kids will be disbudded.

All Photos are Candid shots does are not set up so you can see what they really look like.

We keep our herd as closely related as possible so if something needs to change we can improve them all at the same time.


Bottle bucklings NO PAPERS $25.00

Weaned bucklings NO PAPERS $50.00 (Must be prepaid we wether all unsold bucklings at 8 weeks)

Bottle Bucklings with papers $100.00

Registered buckling DNA, $150.00

Registered buckling DNA, Scrapie Resistance and Casein type tested $200.00, There will be a $4 fee from the ADGA to transfer ownership. $100 nonrefundable deposit before testing is done.

Yearling Bucks Registered $250.00 There will be a $4 fee from the ADGA to transfer ownership. If you would like them DNA, Scrapie Resistance and Casein type tested I require a $100 nonrefundable deposit.


All doelings will leave with registration applications filled out OR I can send the registration in online and print you a temporary certificate to leave with. For does that leave with a temporary certificate, I can do the DNA testing at the time of the sale for Casein and Scrapie Resistance for and additional $75.00 fee. You will get the results and I will make it so they are attached to the pedigree.

Bottle baby does $200.00, All doelings are dam raised unless reserved as a bottle baby prior to their birth.

Weaned Does $250.00

2019 Planned Kids